The definition of a healthy, romantic relationship varies from couple to couple, however, the one thing constant in all cases is that a relationship is a two way street, and efforts need to be made by both parties involved. For any relationship to become strong and stay strong, you need to work on it.
One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while working at a relationship is that communication is absolutely necessary. Healthy and happy couples always know how and when to communicate the right things. It doesn’t always mean that you should focus on the good, and push the bad under a rug. Instead, you need to address and deal with every issue as it comes, by cooperating together. For any long-lasting and durable relationship, you need to be able to truly talk about what you think and how you feel without any awkwardness or resistance.
There is the good, where you get to express your love and talk about the finer things in life, and then are lows, where you fight and argue. Arguments are inevitable in any relationship, but you need to pick your battles wisely. It is not healthy to fight over every trivial matter, but it is also considered unhealthy to avoid the issues at hand just to avoid an argument. Know when to give in, and let your love win and also know when to stand up and get your point across.
By working on your communication skills, you can get more than half the work done, and create one of the finest relationships.

Finding true love has never been easy for any of us, and mostly it has been trial and error and learning through our mistakes. All this makes us wonder, and want to look for an easier way.

First off, you need to get over the past, and focus on the now. When you meet someone new, be absolutely free of all the negativities and hard feelings that you might have experienced in the past. Also, when it comes to meeting somebody new, you actually need to make an effort. You need to put yourself out there; be open to newer experiences. In today’s cyber world, that shouldn’t be a problem at all with social media, online dating, video chatting etc. Keep looking, and you never know whom you’ll meet.

Another thing you should do is to let go of your idea of an ideal, perfect life partner. Moreover, don’t rush yourself into a relationship or a commitment; utilize all the time you need. There’s no hurry, and you always want make sure if you’ve made the right choice. When making the choice, be sure it isn’t something you might regret later in life. Choose someone you can picture coming home to, because in the long run, you might want to live with the one you love, or if you’re lucky enough, you might even want to get married. Therefore, think a lot about who you want to spend the rest of your life be. It doesn’t need to be anybody perfect, just someone who’s willing to work at creating a perfect relationship with you.

Therefore, start looking, because its never too late, and true love will always be out there for you.